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North Mountain

This is a trailer I edited for an aboriginal thriller for a 2015 feature film.

Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime

This was an internal trailer for a BBC drama series to sell to international buyers.

Mr Turner

This was an internal trailer for an Oscar nominated 2014 film directed by Mike Leigh, selling to international markets.


The first feature film I edited, I also did the trailer for. It's an indie drama and the trailer was nominated at the Orlando Film Festival in 2017.


The first trailer I edited, that was also distributed around UK independent cinemas. 

The Young Professionals

The comedy web series was a passion project of mine and this was the trailer I edited too. 


I edited the first pass of this trailer that went on to be refined to this.

Kody Kapow

Another internal trailer used to sell this animation series to international markets.

Bonus: My Film Inspiration

This is an inspiration reel I edited just for the fun of it. These are 11 films that got me into editing.

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